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BCP is asking for your help to ensure quality and affordable compounded medications in the future. Tell Congress!

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Introducing Pets to New People

How to Introduce New People To Your Dogs

Pets get excitable when someone new visits, and for the most part that’s great! For animals lovers and pets alike, meeting new friends is a great way to build relationships between people and animals. Of course if these people are regular visitors, it’s even better that pets get acquainted with them to avoid any sort of negative interaction when they stop by for a visit. 

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how to get over fear of dogs

How To Manage Fear Response in Dogs

If you share your space with animals, chances are you’ve seen them get spooked by something. Whether you have an antisocial cat or a dog that hates the sound of thunder, our pets are just as likely to be scared and stressed by the same kind of things that we are. Sudden noises, unfamiliar visitors and situations, or a whole list of other things.

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Keeping Your Pet Active at Home

Keeping Your Pet Active When You Can’t Go Outside

For many pet owners, or at least dog and adventurous cat owners, uttering the words ‘outside’ or ‘walk’ can set their furred friends into a frenzy of excitement. Unfortunately, going outside isn’t always an option. Whether it’s the weather, a natural disaster, or maybe an ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you’ll need to find a good inside alternative to keep those pets in check.

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