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What is FIV?


Feline immunodeficiency virus, or FIV is closely related to HIV or AIDS in humans but is only transmittable in cats. The virus damages cells in the immune system, mostly white blood cells and after an extensive period doing so, the immune system becomes permanently weakened. When that happens, just like with HIV or AIDS, the body becomes susceptible to other illnesses, making a normal bacteria or virus deadly to the immune compromised cat. Most felines do not show Symptoms for quite some time after they become infected. It is not a very transmittable virus, but often happens with feral tomcats that fight with other cats. There are some websites that say that cats can only live about five years from when they are diagnosed, but there are treatments and medications available that can help reduce the effects on the feline. Many of the traditional treatment options have been discontinued by the manufacturer as biologics have come along for the treatment of the AIDS virus in humans. There are still some of the antivirals that are available and BCP Veterinary Pharmacy can compound those medications when looking for treatment options. A healthy diet is also very important when dealing with immune system viruses. So, if you have a fat that tests positive for FIV, be sure ant talk to your veterinarian about getting them on the right medications, and getting those medications made at BCP Veterinary Pharmacy!