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BCP VetChews®

BCP VetChews® were invented by Jennifer Gimon in 1994 to increase compliance by eliminating the dreaded “pilling” method that most clients find difficult to master. BCP VetChews® are soft, easy to chew, medicated pet treats which are custom compounded to the veterinarian’s specification.

Why should your clients struggle to force medications into their pets when BCP Veterinary Pharmacy can compound the exact strength and flavor VetChews® that meets your requirements? You will have happier, more compliant clients with properly medicated pets. VetChews® can be used for short term or long term medication needs. Over the years, imitators have tried to duplicate VetChews®, but let the veterinarian beware, as none can compare to BCP Veterinary Pharmacy’s unique, trademarked VetChews®.

VetChews® may be compounded using a multitude of medications, including such popular veterinary requests as prednisolone, methimazole, metronidazole, trilostane, atenolol, amlodipine, diethylstilbestrol, phenylpropanolamine, cisapride and many more. All medications are evenly distributed throughout the chew so that splitting it in half is possible, if needed. In addition, some medications may be combined in each treat to make administration even easier.

Pets and clients will be happier and greater compliance can be achieved with VetChews® compounded by BCP Veterinary Pharmacy to the exact strength and flavor needed to meet each pet’s individual requirements.

Product Info

Some of our most popular flavors:

Dogs and Cats:

bacon, beef, tuna, liver, chicken, fish, and seafood and cheese

Rabbits and Ferrets:

peanut butter, yogurt


alfalfa, apple

Primates and Birds:

banana, apple, raisin, apricot, and cranberry (all are real fruit not artificial flavoring)

Other notes:

Shelf Life:

6 months


Store in a sealed plastic bag at room temperature. Store away from extreme heat. May also be stored in the refrigerator.


Give directly as a treat or mix with food.


Keep out of reach of pets and children. Keep away from extreme heat.

Available Sizes:

There are four VetChews® sizes. The size of the chew depends on the amount of medication being compounded.

How to Order:

All orders are per prescription. The veterinarian must call, fax or mail a prescription to BCP Veterinary Pharmacy.


VetChews® are shipped overnight either to the veterinarian or directly to the pet owner.

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Free VetChews Sample for Licensed Veterinarians:

  • Cisapride 5mg chicken chew
  • Methimazole 5mg tuna chew
  • Prednisolone 5mg tuna chew
  • Metronidazole 50mg liver chew
  • D.E.S. 1mg beef chew
Fast Turnarounds

Orders are usually received by the client within 2-3 business days across the country.

Quality of Products

Veterinarians trust our unique approach to custom-compounded pharmaceuticals. BCP purchases all active ingredients from FDA-approved facilities, and therefore you can trust that you will receive the highest quality when you order from BCP.

Easy Ordering

You can easily place an order right now.