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Holiday Eating Dos and Don'ts for your Fur Babies


With the holidays and around the corner, special meals and company might mean your dog or cat may get some extra nibbles here and there. BCP Veterinary Pharmacy wants to make sure your pets stay safe and healthy throughout the holidays and all year long. There are certain foods that are dangerous for cats and dogs to eat, some being: chocolate, coffee, soft drinks, avocados, anything containing xylitol, chewing gum, macadamia nuts, grapes/raisins, onions, garlic, yeast dough, and high sodium foods including bacon. Many pet owners have started home cooking their dog and cat food. If you have been toying around with the idea, it is best to make a gradual transition to avoid any acute tummy upsets (and possible messes). Some of the safest food for cats and dogs to consume are: Salmon, eggs, spinach, chicken meat, turkey meat, green beans, broccoli, yogurt, peanut butter, cottage cheese, carrots, cantaloup, oatmeal, peas, bananas, cheese (hard cheeses are best), pumpkin, blueberries, and apples. Just like processed foods and preservatives aren't good for humans, the same can be said for pets. This is exactly why pet owners are switching to all natural, fresh pet food companies, or concocting homemade pet food. There are some additional supplements that your pet may require, so be sure to do your research or talk to your veterinarian.