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BCP's Tips for Refilling Your Pet's Meds

Refilling seems like an easy task, but behind the scenes there are quite a few steps involved. BCP cares about our customers and wants to relay some tips to make the refill process go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Step one, when you receive your prescription, look toward the bottom of the label where in bold it reads REFILLS REM: (see picture) that tells you if you have any refills left. If you do not it will say 0. That means there will need to be a request sent to your veterinarian, and that can unfortunately take a few days. So, what can you do to speed this along? When you get your Rx, check that number, if it says 0 you can take the initiative to contact your vet and ask for refills Or if a visit is needed, you can schedule the checkup they are requiring to continue approving the meds you need for your furry friend. If you do not need a visit, they will go ahead and contact BCP, and we will add the refills to your account and there will be no delays when you request your next refill. In the off chance you forget to look when you receive the prescription, check the label as soon as possible to avoid a lapse in medication or those dreaded rush fees! When you do not have any refills remaining we recommend having a week supply left when you call us to offset the delay from getting the authorization from your vet. Last minute refills without and remaining refills will have an increased rush fee of $10 for the first prescription and $5 for any subsequent prescriptions in the same order.

So, in short, want to avoid unnecessary fees? Request your refill early for your wallet and your pet’s health!

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Caring For Your Senior Pet

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Pimobendan/Vetmedin Could be Used Preventatively in the Future

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