Houston Business Journal
B.C.P.’s unique approach to puppy prescriptions and kitty compounds has attracted some top-dog customers.

Best of Houston 2001 – Houston Press
Named Best Pet Pharmacy – “BCP is the brainchild of Houstonian Jennifer Gimon, R.Ph., who now boasts clients in homes, wildlife refuges and zoos all over the globe.”

DVM Magazine
Pilling Solution – “BCP Veterinary Pharmacy introduces VetChews®.”

DVM Magazine
Insulin – “BCP Veterinary Pharmacy has added 100% Bovine Protamine-Zinc Insulin (PZI)… BCP Veterinary Pharmacy’s product is available in three strengths: 100 units/ml, 50 units/ml and 40 units/ml.”

Veterinary Practice News™
Feline Diabetes:  What’s Your Insulin I.Q.?
– Commentary by Jennifer Gimon, R.Ph