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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture Suspension


BCP Veterinary Pharmacy is now carrying ExtractLabs CBD Tincture. Only two ingredients: CO2-extracted full spectrum hemp oil and organic coconut oil. Independently Tested for purity & potency Approx. 17mg CBD/ml

Available in

Available flavors

Suspension Beef (Fresh Flavor), Suspension Chicken (Fresh Flavor), Suspension Liver (Fresh Flavor), VetChew/Suspension Salmon, VetChew Ocean Fish, Request Flavor Below, Fruit Punch Powder, VetChew Poultry (Feline Favorite), VetChew Red Tuna (Feline Favorite), Suspension Bacon, Suspension Tuna, Suspension Peanut Butter, Suspension Apple, Suspension Banana, Suspension Marshmallow, Suspension Grape, Suspension Cilantro, Suspension Carrot, Suspension Vanilla, Suspension Cherry, Suspension Rosemary, Suspension Tutti Fruiti, Suspension Fish (Fresh Flavor), VetChew Beef, VetChew Apple, VetChew Bacon, VetChew Chicken, VetChew Liver, VetChew Banana, VetChew Cranberry, VetChew Apricot, VetChew Peanut Butter, VetChew Cheese

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