BCP VetChews will have your pet's begging to take their medication!!

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Pilling is a Pain


Pilling your cat or dog can be both costly and frustrating. BCP veterinary Pharmacy invented the flavored chew treat compounded with medications to ease administration of daily medications. often times, the cost of the medicated chew treat is less than what one would pay for the tablet and pill pocket. Pill pockets can range anywhere from 0.14/each to 0.65/each, and let's face it, most pets will still turn their nose up to the less expensive products! BCP Veterinary Pharmacy eliminated the need for costly pill pockets by compounding medications into a soft, meaty or fruity treat for your pet!. We have flavors like beef, chicken, seafood, tuna, liver, alfalfa, apple, cherry, banana, peanut butter, cheese, to name a few. There are some finicky felines that won't eat treats in general, so we recommend a flavored liquid which has even more flavors than the chews or a non-oral alternative like a transdermal gel for the finickiest of pets. Most medications can be compounded into this form which can be rubbed on the inside of the ear where it is absorbed through the skin into the body's blood stream. So if you are frustrated with the whole pilling process, talk to your vet about calling your pets prescriptions into BCP Veterinary Pharmacy where we make medicating your pet a treat!