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New Year, New Pet: Training Tips to Ease the Transition!


Getting a new pet can be both exciting and challenging for the whole family! But as many things, they don't always work out the way you picture them -but that doesn't mean that the pet is not a good fit. Just like people, cats and dogs need time to adjust. What could seem like a very shy, timid dog, or a chill lap kitten in the beginning can quickly turn into a wild, rambunctious, well...monster! So how to tame the monster? Here are some helpful tips that can be used on both cats and dogs. When starting out, patience along with keeping the training sessions short is key. Most animals are food driven, so having some yummy treats on hand can speed up the learning process. If potty training is needed, crates are great tools to help with this. having a crate on hand helps create a schedule for your furry friend. Just be sure you do not leave the dog in the crate too long or you will be cleaning up both a messy crate and a messy pet. Fortunately, cats naturally will just start using a litter box so there shouldn't be any issues there. Now, if you are wanting to start training your dog or cat to sit, roll over, or any other behavioral commands, it is good to have a designated "training area" inside or outside of the house. This way they know what is up when you take them to that spot. dogs really respond well to a positive but firm voice. Cats don't respond to positive reinforcement as much, but they will begin responding to a clicker if you use one along with a treat in the beginning. That way you can phase out the treats before your furry new friend starts eating a bit too much! One on one training is also a great way to bond with your pet as it additionally gives you focused time to keep an eye out for any behavioral or health changes. If you notice things, always be sure to make a note of it, talk to your veterinarian, and remember that BCP Veterinary Pharmacy is always here for your furry companion's compounding needs...and we make medicating your pet a treat!