BCP VetChews will have your pet's begging to take their medication!!

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Help save your pet's compounded medications!!


Please Help!!

BCP is asking for your help to ensure quality and affordable compounded medications in the future.

The FDA is proposing new guidelines that will not only increase the cost of your prescriptions from BCP but also decrease their palatability for your pet. Compounders like BCP use “Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients” (APIs) to make prescription medications. The FDA’s new proposal will virtually forbid this. The new guidance would require BCP compound from finished dosage forms, like tablets, capsules, and liquids instead of the raw chemical. Finding these finished forms is usually more difficult and more expensive and will likely result in extra fillers that change the taste of the compounded medication for your pet.

Help us stop these changes!

The link below will match you with your specific representatives in Congress and automatically email them a form letter asking to withdraw the new guidelines. You can also add your own personal note.

Tell Congress!