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Caring For Your Senior Pet


Did you know animals are 'technically' considered seniors when they are 8 years old? Just like humans, pets start feeling the aches and pains as they age. Achy bones, joints, and muscles can take a toll on your furry friend! It's hard for us to admit when our energetic companion starts the aging process. There are simple ways you can help them feel more comfortable as time goes on. For example, making comfortable spots on the floor for them to rest. Animals typically like laying in the sun so if you see a sunny spot, go ahead and put a bed or thick blanket pallet there for them to take a snooze. Just like elderly people, animals begin to lose body heat and start feeling cold all the time- especially small breeds and cats. A little sweater, shirt, or extra blanket in their bed might help them feel comfy and warm. Senior dogs, especially large breeds tend to develop hip dysplasia, so if the floors are slick, add some rugs to help them gain traction. Unfortunately, a lot of pets also develop arthritis, fortunately for dogs there are some wonderful treatment options - cats are a different story. Cats have much more sensitive kidneys as they are prone to kidney disease which makes a lot of medications too risky for them. Difficult to treat cases are looking to CBD for relief for cats with arthritis and osteoarthritis (as well as dogs) and it's showing to be a good fit. BCP now carries Extract Labs CBD tincture which only has 2 ingredients, CO2 extracted full spectrum hemp oil and organic coconut oil. The product is independently tested for potency and available by prescription. The product is also a wonderful option for pets with thunderstorm anxiety, separation anxiety, and restless sleepers!