BCP VetChews will have your pet's begging to take their medication!!

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BCP Wound-V


Does your furry friend ever get unexpected scratches, bites, or rashes that turn into wounds? If so then you need to ask your veterinarian about BCP Wound-V spray. It will help heal those non-emergency boo-boos and keep them from getting worse! BCP Wound-V is a reformulation of Granulex which is no longer available from a manufacturer. You can think of it as the go to for pet wounds kind of like Neosporin is for humans. BCP Wound-V is the perfect product to have on hand when your furry friend needs it. We see so many posts about domestic animals and wildlife that have small to medium lacerations that could really benefit from the BCP Wound-V spray. The ingredients are safe as we know pets like to lick EVERYTHING, so you don't need to worry about that. This is a great product to ask your veterinarian about as it is a prescription, so you have to either purchase it through your veterinarian or have them call in a prescription to BCP Veterinary Pharmacy to get yours today!