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BCP Sources Hard to Find Drugs for YOU!


Since the pandemic things have been harder and harder to get. During this time, we have had to get creative and dig deep into the internet to find new sources for active ingredients. Recently we have been able to source Aminopentamide again, which is one of the drugs that was on our MOST WANTED list. We had not had the drug in stock since 2019. We are now able to compound the discontinued Centrine medication, or Aminopentamide, an anticolinergic class of drugs used to treat diarrhea. We have had clinics that have called on every veterinary compounding pharmacy to find this medication with no luck. So, we want this to be our pledge to you and the veterinary industry that we will search for every hard-to-find medication and make a sincere attempt to find it because BCP is committed to and focused on finding solutions for animals in need. There is a reason BCP is the original animal only compounding pharmacy in the United States, and that is because we care. We are still the industry leader with the best customer service.