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BCP Makes the Dosages and Flavors You Want


The list of “hard to find” medications continues to grow with high demand and supply chain issues. BCP is compounding sterile injectables and ophthalmics to bridge the gap between unavailable or backordered products. Recently we have seen an increase in ophthalmic combinations such as cyclosporine/tacrolimus, pilocarpine/acetylcysteine, and cefazolin/systane, to mention a few. In addition, we have recently seen a jump in methylprednisolone injectable (Solu-Medrol) in a variety of strengths and sizes as methylprednisolone has been on shortage for months. The increase in demand is fueled by unavailable products by the manufacturer. In addition to those medications already mentioned, trilostane is becoming a popular compounded medication used to treat hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing's Disease) and Alopecia X. BCP has great prices on the above listed medications as well as our BCP PZI Bovine Insulin®, which uses 100% bovine insulin crystals - the closest match to feline insulin. BCP also reformulated the original Granulex product into a new compound called BCP Wound-V® Spray. It comes in a 30ml non aerosol spray bottle. BCP Wound-V® Spray aids in the healing of necrotic tissue to aid in the treatment of injuries, abrasions, lacerations, burns, and more. Looking for a specific medication? Contact BCP Veterinary Pharmacy today to get the dosage form and flavor you want with standard next day shipping across the U.S.