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Backordered Medication List is Growing


Supply chain issues don't seem to be going anywhere, so what does that mean for the veterinary pharmaceutical industry? It means that one simple unavailable ingredient like bacteriostatic water creates a domino affect of many necessary injectable medications being unavailable or out of stock. BCP Veterinary Pharmacy closely monitors the FDA drug shortage website to stay on top of the upcoming medication needs of their clients. Potassium Chloride and Metronidazole are two IV medications that are scarce, along with Tresaderm Otic and Diroban to name a few. Although BCP cannot always formulate and compound replacements in a pinch, we continue sourcing the needed medications, informing our clients of when they can be expected, as well as find alternative drug therapies and dosage forms. Additionally, BCP is constantly sourcing raw chemicals when available and has stepped the buying power, purchasing drugs in bulk to obtain better pricing, and of course, passing the savings on to the customer. Supply chain obstacles, rising gas prices, and many other factors are going to continue to cause drug price fluctuation, but BCP stays committed to quality products, customer service, competitive pricing, and finding solutions so that your practice and clients are able to receive medications with terrific turnaround time. Whether you are looking for a specific product, or inquiring about pricing, you can always call or email BCP Veterinary Pharmacy for the answers you need.