BCP VetChews will have your pet's begging to take their medication!!

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Adopt Don't Shop!


Thinking about adding a furry friend to your family? Then you should consider adopting from a local animal shelter. We know that designer dogs and cats are highly coveted, but when you choose a homeless pet from a shelter, you are saving a life. In addition, you are supporting a valuable charity that already vetted the animal and has taken the responsibility of shots and spaying or neutering, so you are already helping break the cycle of pet overpopulation. Then there's the cost, adopting is considerably less than purchasing from a breeder or pet store, so you are already saving money that can later be spent on your new furry friend! We understand that homeless pets can have issues that may be worrisome, but that is true of all animals...It's always a good idea to take any new pet to see your vet of choice and establish care. And if you do find that your new family member needs any kind of medication or treatment, you can count on BCP pharmacy to find the right dosage form. We compound almost any medication into one of our tasty VetChew®, Transdermals®, BCP BNT Otic®, BCP Wound-V®, BCP PZI Insulin®, Flavored Solutions and Suspensions, Capsules, and new Tablets. So be sure to ask your veterinarian to call your pet's prescription into the original animal only compounding pharmacy - BCP Veterinary Pharmacy!