Topical Products

BCP Veterinary Pharmacy compounds numerous creams, lotions, gels, solutions and ointments for topical application that are easily administered and target specific affected areas. Our topical preparations are used for infection (both fungal and bacterial), inflammation, local anesthetics, and dental procedures. BCP Veterinary Pharmacy’s most popular products are typically rubbed onto the affected area of the animal’s skin or administered to the external ear canal to treat otitis externa and to provide temporary pain relief.

Topical skin preparations: nitrofurazone, sulf-a-derm (sufa antibiotics & urea ointment), fluorescein, ketoprofen, pellitol, trypsin/chymotrypsin, chlorhexidine, fluocinolone/nystatin, and triamcinolone dental.

Otic preparations: silver sulfadazine, tobramycin, polymixin b, tris edta, panalog formulation, pellitol formulation, B.N.T (enrofloxacin , ketoconazole, triamcinolone), liquichlor-squalane, and amphotericin B.

Shelf Life: 6 months

Storage: Most medications are stored at room temperature. Please ask a BCP pharmacist for further information.

• Lotions: Shake well before each use.
• Keep out of reach of pets and children

Ointments & Creams: 15gm, 30gm, 60gm, 120gm, 240gm, 480gm jars
15gm dial-a-dose syringes
Lotions & Solutions: 30ml, 60ml, 90ml, 120ml, 240ml, 480ml bottles
15ml droptainers

How to Order: All orders are per prescription. The veterinarian must call, fax or mail a prescription to BCP Veterinary Pharmacy.

Shipping: Topical preparations are shipped overnight to either the veterinarian or directly to the pet owner.

Free Sample BCP BNT® Otic Ointment for Licensed Veterinarians: