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Sterile Products – Ophthalmics


BCP Veterinary Pharmacy compounds ophthalmic preparations under the same strict guidelines as those for sterile products. Ophthalmic solutions are sterile, free from foreign particles and especially prepared for instillation into the eye. In addition to the active drug, the preparation consists of a number of excipients, including vehicles, buffers, preservatives, tonicity adjusting agents, antioxidants and viscosity enhancers. It is extremely important that the use of ingredients is non-irritating and compatible with the eyes.

Acetylcysteine chloramphenicol Cyclosporine
Cyclosporine/Tacrolimus Gentamicin/Betamethasone Idoxuridine
KCS Mixture Megestrol Acetate Nalbuphine 1%
oxytetracycline Tacrolimus

Product Info


Shelf Life:

May vary depending on drug. Please ask a BCP pharmacist for further information.


May vary depending on drug. Please ask a BCP pharmacist for further information.


Keep out of reach of pets and children.


3ml, 10ml, 15ml plastic droptainers.

How to Order:

All orders are per prescription. The veterinarian must call, fax or mail a prescription to BCP Veterinary Pharmacy.


Ophthalmic solutions are shipped overnight either to the veterinarian or directly to the pet owner.

Fast Turnarounds

Orders are usually received by the client within two business days.

Quality of Products

Veterinarians trust our unique approach to custom-compounded pharmaceuticals. BCP purchases all active ingredients from FDA-approved facilities, and therefore you can trust that you will receive the highest quality when you order from BCP.

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