“Thank you for your help in getting my Hanoverian mare, Godiva, back on her feet again after her terrible accident. The topical Ketoprofen cream you prepared allowed us to help control her pain locally rather than having to use an oral or injectable medication, reducing the risk of side effects. At the time, she was also in acute renal failure, so using systemic medications was not an option. (BCP) offered a choice that enabled her to be comfortable, which was such a comfort to us as well. I will always be grateful for the incredibly fast response and turn around after you received our urgent phone call.”

Mikelle Vulgamott

Wife of Dr. James Vulgamott & Co-Founder, Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, Houston TX

“Using transdermal clomipramine quite literally saved my cat’s life… At my veterinarian’s suggestion, I gave transdermal clomipramine a try….just a small amount on the inside of his (Fletcher’s) ear every morning. The change in his behavior is unbelievable! Since starting treatment, he has consistently used the litterbox. The crying has completely stopped and he appears to be quite content. He is getting along well with the other pets and never seemed to be distressed by the move to a completely unfamiliar house. He is my wonderful cat again.

R. Stavisky, Austin, TX

“… thank the folks (at BCP) who realized they could put more flavor in Elektra’s pills. It makes a great difference in the ease with which I can get her to take them… She really goes for the pills since you’ve added the extra flavor.”

V. Schulman, Granby, MA

“…I have been using BCP PZI since January 05 with my cat Peri. He was diagnosed last year with feline diabetes and was started on Humulin U. I can’t tell you how much better his diabetes regulation has been since switching to the BCP-PZI. His blood glucose numbers (I am a hometester) are so much better and at least 3/4 of the day now he spends in a normal blood glucose range-sometimes the entire day. He is also much brighter and happier…”

R. Howard, Guilford, CT

“What your pharmacy does is nothing short of a miracle! My cat has a significant heart murmur, which was diagnosed several years ago…Our only recourse was human medication. The third year (of treatment), my vet specialist found out about BCP… I began using them immediately and within a very short period of time, my cat’s improvement was nothing short of miraculous. He now gets the perfect dosage, so his condition is stable. My cat’s happy, I’m happy!”

B. Zimpfer, Houston, TX

“My kitty… takes the drug buspirone for his spraying problem. This drug has a bitter flavor and I have tried to crush, dilute and mix it in food with no success. I called your pharmacy (BCP) and they told me about making treats. I was so worried he wouldn’t like them I only ordered a small supply. When I gave him the first one he ate it excitedly in one gulp! Buddy LOVES them. It is like a miracle…I can barely open the little package fast enough for him. If you can make a bad tasting drug taste great in a treat just think what else will work in treats for kitties.”

S. Ryznar, Katy, TX

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